Bill Barr foresees Trump indictment from feds: 'He had no claim to those documents'
ABC/screen grab

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said that former President Donald Trump would likely be prosecuted after he refused to return classified documents to the federal government.

On Sunday, Barr told ABC News that Trump should be "most concerned about the documents case" despite the former president's recent arrest in New York.

"I'd be most concerned about the document case in Mar-a-Lago because from what I can see, you know, when it first came out, a lot of Republicans manned the ramparts and were dumping all over the FBI and the government," Barr said. "He had no claim to those documents, especially the classified documents. They belonged to the government."

"And so, I think he was jerking the government around, and they subpoenaed it, and they tried to jawbone him into delivery of the documents," he continued. "I think they probably have some very good evidence there."

Barr explained why special counsel Jack Smith was likely to prosecute Trump.

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"I don't know him well, but by reputation, he's a very dogged, aggressive prosecutor who will get to the bottom of what happened," he said of Smith. "And this is one of the things that leads me to believe that if there's a case there to be made, it will be brought, because I think the attorney general would have selected another kind of special counsel if he wanted more discretion exercise, like, well, yeah, there's a case, but we don't want to bring that case here because there's a lot of reasons against the public."

Watch the video clips below from ABC or at the link.