John Bolton and Bill Barr buried by conservative for covering for 'rotten president' Trump
ABC screenshot/CNN screenshot

In his column for the Daily Beast, conservative commentator Matt Lewis dropped the hammer on former attorney general Bill Barr and Donald Trump advisor John Bolton for remaining silent so long about the former president's unfitness for office as they make moves to rehabilitate their images.

Lewis, who left the Republican Party due to Trump only to return after his re-election bid failed, claims both Barr and Bolton knew going in that Trump was unqualified and dangerous and it was their duty to come forward at the times when Trump was being impeached.

Now that Trump is out of office -- and both former officials are trying to sell their books -- Lewis claims they are on a rehab tour that should leave Americans disgusted.

"Donald Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr, and former national security adviser, John Bolton, are back in the news this week, saying things that—to paraphrase Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer—could have been brought to our attention YESTERDAY!" he wrote before adding, "By 'yesterday,' I mean any time when it might have mattered more. Like during an impeachment. Like during an election. You know, a time when hearing the truth from someone with inside knowledge and credibility might have made a difference. Instead, both waited until they were hawking books to spill the administration’s tea."

Adding that their recent revelations shouldn't be ignored because they can still do damage to Trump's reputation, Lewis added, "Let’s be honest, whatever their motives, both men knew Trump wasn’t fit to be president before they signed up to work for him."

"Barr and Bolton obviously have a lot in common—in addition to working for Trump, despite knowing he was a rotten president. They’re both in their early seventies. Both had serious credentials before Trump came along—Barr served as attorney general for President George H.W. Bush and Bolton later served as ambassador to the United Nations for President George W. Bush. Both men invited criticism for waiting to tell their full stories in a book," he charged.

As for why they're coming forward after the fact -- besides the obvious desire to sell books -- Lewis said they are both trying to stay relevant in a world that is moving on without them.

"Yes, it makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint. But when the stakes are this high, withholding information until you can profit off of it only undermines their attempts to rehab their reputations." he wrote before conceding. "The biggest similarity, of course, is that these men are neither heroes nor villains. Without flawed Republicans like Barr and Bolton straddling the gray areas (think Sen. Tom Cotton, who went from being among the Trumpiest of senators to defying the 45th president and voting to certify his electoral defeat), things might have been much worse."

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