Bill Maher sounds alarm over what to expect from Trump in 2024: 'A good time' to leave the country
Photos b via HBO/ Jim Watson/AFP

In a wide-ranging interview with the, HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher touched on a variety of subjects from Marjorie Taylor Greene's banishment from Twitter to the prospect that Donald Trump will likely run for president again in 2024.

In town for a show on Saturday night, the HBO star sat down with the's Ben Flanagan to talk about the current state of affairs in the country when the topic of Trump came up.

Noting that Maher recently asked, “What happens on January 20th, 2025, when Trump shows up despite election results that say otherwise?” Flanagan asked, "Do you think democracy is really in trouble?"

"First of all, he is definitely going to run. He’s definitely going to get the nomination. And he’s definitely not going to concede. He hasn’t conceded this election," Maher said of the former president.

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He then continued, "The difference with the next one is he will have people in place who will back him up. That’s what he didn’t have in 2020. He thought he did. He thought anyone who had an 'R' by their name would be on his side. He didn’t count on the fact that there were Republicans with integrity, who told him 'I’m sorry, sir. We looked and we looked and we looked, and you did not win this election.' He’s replacing those people. That’s what they’re doing."

Suggesting a scenario in 2024 where Trump would demand Republican election official find the votes he needs and they would comply, Maher said a disputed election in 2024 could make 2020 and its aftermath pale in comparison.

"He’s not going to go away as easily as he did in 2020 next time. And that’s why January 2025 is going to be where the rubber hits the road in this country. We’ve been heading towards this cliff for a very long time, and we always think we’re the country where it can’t happen," he explained. "Well, we thought that about terrorism. We thought that about everything. We’re not exempt. We are the country where it can happen. And when you have two claimants to the throne, I don’t know what happens."

"I don’t know what happens in January 2025," he conceded before advising, " But I know if you want to pick a time to take a vacation out of the country, that would be a good time to do it."

You can read the whole interview here.