Donald Trump Jr. asked for money for his dad's lawsuits on Telegram -- it didn’t go well
Tiwtter screenshot

When President Donald Trump announced his lawsuit against social media companies on Wednesday, a large fundraising operation followed. The former Trump campaign sent out emails, text messages, and Donald Trump Jr. took to Telegram to beg for cash.

The problem, however, is that it didn't quite go the way he may have expected. The Twitter account Patriot Takes, affiliated with the liberal group MeidasTouch, follows the so-called "free speech" sites and apps like Telegram, where QAnon members, white supremacists and Nazis are welcome to promote their ideologies.

One user told Donald Trump Jr. not to use WinRed for fundraising because the website scammed them, "backing fraud in November" and that all of their donations went somewhere else. Trump's account on WinRed was part of the scam that was taking reoccurring payments from supporters' accounts that they didn't know they signed up for.

Another user said that they weren't handing over any money until they "fix the election."

Someone saying their name is Scottie Hall, and he said that Don Jr. should tell his father "to help me out. His (sic) a billionaire. Help me back. Q said you all bad med beds. Let's see them . (sic) Help a billionaire are you joking. You all a psyop (sic)."

Another person echoed the same sentiment saying that no one should have to "donate in order for your dad to sue."

"He is a BILLIONAIRE! (sic)" the person said. "Something isn't adding up here."

See some of the screen captures below: