Bob Woodward: J6 panel proved Trump's 'criminal mismanagement'

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward believes the House select committee made a strong case that Donald Trump broke the law trying to cling to power, but he's not sure what the consequences will be for the former president.

The Washington Post reporter helped break the Watergate break-in story that eventually led to Richard Nixon's downfall, but he told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" how the cases were different.

"First of all, it's clearly an important investigation," Woodward said. "I guess I would position myself somewhere between Chuck Rosenberg, who kind of says the committee's work is going to have little if any impact on the Justice Department investigation, and the view that this changed history."

"I think what it's done is change the climate of opinion," he continued. "You go back 50 years in the Nixon case, it was drip, drip, drip, and enough things happen and enough people were kind of, well, what about that dirty trick, what about all of the hidden money, what about this, and then that committee has been a spectacular success."

"It's moved the conversation, and I think it's opened lots of Republicans," Woodward added. "Let's look again at the legacy of Trump, and do we want this really criminal mismanagement of the presidency again."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

12 20 2022 07 01 51