Jen Psaki smacks down Lauren Boebert for heckling Biden as he discussed his deceased son
Jen Psaki (Screen Grab)

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "Way Too Early with Jonathan Lemire," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) heckling President Joe Biden as he discussed the death of his son Beau from military exposure to burn pits.

"Jen, one of the headlines that emerged from the speech last night was a pair of Republican House members who chose to heckle President Biden as he was speaking about his late son Beau," said Lemire. "Do you have any response to what they said?"

"Not really, Jon," said Psaki. "During that heckling — and I was watching on TV with a group of my team members and colleagues, and we were all excited and cheering, and that was the moment in the speech where the president was talking about his unity agenda and talking about priorities that we should all be able to agree on. Look, one American dies every five minutes of an opioid overdose. There is no question we should do more to help our nation's veterans, people who have been hurt by the impacts of burn pits. Of course we need to do more to work together to cure cancer. They were heckling around that time and that moment."

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"I think that says a lot more about them than it does about how important these priorities are, and how much the vast majority of people who were sitting there watching in that chamber last night could work together to solve exactly those problems. And others, too, probably," added Psaki.

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Jen Psaki responds to GOP hecklers at State of the Union