More anti-government extremist Boogaloo Bois are reportedly headed to Ukraine to fight
Ukrainian soldier stands on the check point to the city Irpin near Kyiv during the evacuation of local people under the shelling of the Russian troops. (

Members of the Boogaloo Bois may not support the American government, but they're happy to fight for Ukraine, according to Vice News.

The group's former leader, Mike Dunn, has been fighting in Ukraine already, but he says at least ten new members are headed to the front to "help." Ukrainians on the ground have seen American "soldiers" waving tropical-looking flags, assuming they're coming as far away as Hawaii, but that isn't the case.

"The movement made its way offline and onto American streets in early 2020, when groups of young men in Hawaiian shirts carrying AR-style rifles started showing up to anti-lockdown protests," explained Vice.

The term "boogaloo" came from memes that encourage a violent uprising against the American government and the start of a second civil war. Aside from Jan. 6, a violent uprising never happened. So, the group has taken their fetish for war to the war in Ukraine.

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"I’ve met a couple of Americans here that are active Boogaloo Bois, and I have more Boogaloo Bois that will be arriving here,” Dunn, who was recovering in a hospital until recently, told VICE News.

“They’ll be going through background checks and processing into whatever unit picks them,” Dunn said. “Whenever a unit takes them, they’ll process into and start fighting, to either get experience or to reignite some type of passion in their lives, for the excitement, I guess.”

Dunn, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps before being discharged for a medical reason, said that he was part of a combat support unit of foreign fighters connected to Ukrainian fighters.

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"In his telling, a Russian advance pierced the lines of the 79th in the Donetsk region, and his unit was dispatched to stem it but was ambushed in the process," the report said about Dunn's experience.

There has been a concern for years that war in Ukraine could lead to a training ground for far-right terrorists.

"Azov Battalion, an ultranationalist unit within the Ukrainian military, is dogged by its connections to neo-Nazism and the global far-right," said the report.

But thus far there's no evidence that shows that's happening. The Ukraine government is aware of the concern, however. Even as far back as 2019, Vice explained that Ukraine deported two foreign fighters back to the U.S. because they were engaged in far-right terrorist activities.

The report names two other men, one from Ohio, Henry Hoefit, who even spoke to the media about his deployment. He was back after two weeks claiming that foreign fighters were being used as cannon fodder and being forced to fight in conflict zones like Kyiv without gear.

The lack of equipment has been a common complaint by foreign fighters who never fully understood the degree to which Ukraine was fighting the war alone. Finally, over the past several months, foreign governments have sent resources and equipment that could better help. Defense contractors have sent helmets and other equipment but more continues to be needed.

Read the full report at Vice News.