SiriusXM suspends Brett Favre's show after he was implicated in alleged welfare fraud scheme
Brett Favre and Donald Trump, White House photo.

After being implicated in a potential welfare fraud scheme where funds intended for Mississippi's neediest residents were used to build a volleyball center at the University of Mississippi where his daughter plays volleyball, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre's SiriusXM show has been put on hold, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

"In May, the former NFL quarterback — along with 37 other individuals and organizations — was sued by the Mississippi Department of Human Services for allegedly misusing millions in state welfare funding for personal projects," the Reporter's article states.

"In Favre’s case, that included allegedly rerouting $5 million in aid toward the construction of a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, where Favre’s daughter played."

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Favre's other media exploits were affected by the news as well.

ESPN Milwaukee suspended his weekly Packers recap program The Brett Favre Show, according to NBC Sports. He hosted his Sirius show, The SiriusXM Blitz With Brett Favre and Bruce Murray since 2018. It's most recent broadcast was Sept. 13.