'Wrong and confused': Georgia DA mocks Brian Kemp’s lawyer
District Attorney Fani Willis / Fulton County photo.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had harsh words for an attorney representing Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp as he tries to quash a subpoena to appear before a special grand jury.

Attorney Brian F. McEvoy filed a 121-page motion in Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday seeking to negate or delay the subpoena.

"Fulton County DA Fani Willis isn’t messing around," journalist Greg Bluestein noted.

Willis began the email by writing, "my special counsel, in an effort to be a gentleman and an officer of the court, has been far too polite."

"The email you have sent is offensive and beneath an officer of the court," Willis wrote. "You are both wrong and confused."

"Let's discuss some of the ways you are wrong," she continued, listing three bullet points.

"Now let's discuss your confusion," Willis said, listing two bullet points.

"We have been working with you in good faith for months," she explained. "You have been rude and even disparaging to my staff. You have been less than honest about conversations that have taken place. Despite the way you have behaved, we have continued to work with you out of deference not for you, but out of deference for my governor. This is an old adage that people take kindness for weakness. You have taken my kindness as weakness and you have continually treated this office with disdain."

"Despite your disdain, this investigation continues and will not be derailed by anyone's antics," Willis wrote.

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