Maine Republican sorry for joking about rapist Harvey Weinstein during legislative meeting
State Rep. Bruce Bickford. (

A Maine Republican apologized for taking part in an online legislative session with a joke sign in his background about convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

State Rep. Bruce Bickford participated in a Zoom session Wednesday for a tax policy committee meeting with a sign visible behind him, reading, "Harvey Weinstein Charm School Rehab Center," and other lawmakers found the display distasteful, reported the Portland Press Herald.

"I apologize for the screen image that briefly appeared behind me during a recent committee meeting conducted over Zoom," Bickford told the newspaper. "It was inappropriate and in poor taste. I sincerely regret the event and will ensure that it does not happen again. Please accept my apology."

The newspaper asked if he found the sign funny, and he said it would be in other settings: "In a private setting, yeah."

Weinstein, a powerful Hollywood movie producer, was convicted last year of rape and sexual assault, after he was accused of harassment and rape by at least 87 women.

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