C-SPAN caller accuses 'irresponsible' women of using abortion to prevent weight gain
An anti-abortion protester (Shutterstock)

A caller on C-SPAN'sWashington Journal program accused "irresponsible” women of using abortion to prevent weight gain.

On Monday, the Republican caller from Livingston, Louisiana told host Pedro Echevarria that she is against abortion rights for women.

"I've been hearing this since I was young," the caller remarked. "That's when the contraception was getting the big thing -- the pill and everything."

"Personally, I don't agree with abortion, OK?" she continued. "But I think women need to quit being so irresponsible. Because a lot of them are. They are irresponsible. They run around and they get pregnant. There's all kinds of contraception. There's no excuse for it."

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The caller added: "They get pregnant and not want it. They are using abortion like, what do you call it? Like birth control. They don't want to take the pill because it might make them gain weight or this or that."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN or at this link.