Can Andrew Giuliani ride his father’s tattered coattails into New York GOP governor’s race?
Rudy and Andrew Giuliani (Photo: Andrew Giuliani social media)

There have been plenty of political dynasties in the United States: the Adams, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush. Now in the New York state Republican gubernatorial race, Andrew Giuliani is seeking to create another.

But can he do it riding on the now tattered coattails of his father, Rudy? That's the question posed by Washington Post writer Paul Schwartzman.

He writes: "In certain sections of New York — conservative White enclaves in the city, suburbs and beyond — the Giuliani brand is still strong. And while some Republicans running statewide in Blue America might want to avoid touting their ties to Trump and Rudy, Andrew Giuliani celebrates them at every turn.

“When we talk about the best in politics,” Andrew said in an interview, “I look at a Rudy Giuliani in New York in the 1990s, and I look at Donald J. Trump in Washington.″

Generally Andrew's chances are considered slim in a state with far more registered Democrats than Republicans and he's still collecting signatures to get his name on the primary ballot. His campaign speeches contain the expected Trump applause lines as he derides “leftist” newspapers, statehouse “socialists,” mask mandates, transgender rights activists and Biden’s Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson. Just like his father, Andrew says he has “major concerns” about the integrity of the results. Asked if he regards Biden’s election as legitimate, he says, “Does he even know he’s president of the United States? I would love to ask him the question to see if he can answer lucidly.”

Despite his popularity among some New Yorkers, there are many who recoil at the name.

“It’s Giuliani fatigue,” George Arzt, a public relations consultant and former City Hill reporter, told the Washington Post. “When people think about Andrew, if they remember, they think about the kid fooling around at the inauguration, and the dye running down his father’s sweaty face.”