'Candace Owens is a kook': John Harwood defends Trump
Candice Owens on Facebook.

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood praised Donald Trump on Monday for pushing back on anti-vaccine misinformation spread by right-wing provocateur Candice Owens.

"Former President Donald Trump says if you want to stay out of the hospital, you should consider taking the Covid-19 vaccine," CNN's Phil Mattingly reported. "It's responsible, science-based talk from a president who steered often into conspiracies and half-baked 'Hey, I heard this might work' ideas, but one conservative commentator now says Trump is wrong on vaccines. Why? Because he's old and he apparently couldn't pay attention to message boards."

The host played a clip of Owens and asked Harwood for his analysis.

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"Well, first of all, it's never too late to make a difficult situation better, so I think the country should be grateful that Trump said the things that he said, which as you note were science-based and when you do that with a certain segment of the Republican Party, you're going to get a negative reaction, Candace Owens is a kook so she gave a kooky reaction," Harwood said.

"And I think the more significant thing was not her reaction but the fact that Donald Trump said something positive dealing with the pandemic," he noted.


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