MAGA rioter who allegedly attacked DC cop was Tennessee sheriff’s deputy: report

Yet another member of law enforcement has been charged for the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

"Ronald Colton McAbee, a 27-year-old Williamson County sheriff's deputy, was arrested Aug. 17 after the FBI received a tip he was the man in officer-worn body camera footage who attempted to fight a Metropolitan Police Department officer and drag another into the mob storming the Capitol," the Tennessean reported Thursday.

McAbee was charged with four counts, alongside Jeffrey Sabol, Peter Stager, Michael Lopatic, Sr., Clayton Mullins, Jake Whitton, and Logan Barnhart.

McAbee was a deputy in Williamson County for less than a year and previously worked as a deputy in the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office in Georgia.

When he allegedly fought police on January 6th, McAbee was reportedly on medical leave.

Video allegedly showed McAbee wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat and a Three Percenters militia patch.

"In the seven months since Jan. 6, more than 570 individuals have been arrested in nearly all 50 states for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including over 170 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. The investigation remains ongoing," prosecutors said.