Capitol rioter's lawyer wants to dump his client for refusing to pay his bills: report

On Saturday, The Daily Beast reported that a Mark Sahady, a Trump supporter indicted for his alleged role in the invasion of the U.S. Capitol, could lose his current legal counsel — because he has been stiffing him on the legal bills.

"'I have a motion to disappear from the case because (1) my client hasn't paid me at all for work performed in this case and (2) he is not returning my phone calls,' defense attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo III told The Daily Beast in an email," reported Justin Rohrlich and Kelly Weill. "Del Gallo declined to specify how much money Sahady owes, but said that it wasn't just the many hours he put in on the case, it was also the intense nature of the work. He said he had to pull at least one all-nighter preparing Sahady's defense because he wanted to make sure he got out of jail — and was successful in securing his release."

"Sahady, a gun-owning U.S. Army veteran who lives with his parents in Malden, Massachusetts, has echoed former President Donald Trump's oft-repeated — and entirely untrue — assertion that the 2020 election was stolen from him," said the report. "He is infamous throughout New England as a leader of 'Super Happy Fun America,' a right-wing 'straight pride' organization ... Some Sahady-organized events have drawn attendance from openly fascist groups like the Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131), members of which also attended the Jan. 6 rally outside the Capitol."

"What particularly bothered me is that I had done a lot of pro bono work for Mark's groups in the First Amendment area which seemed to count for nothing, and he clearly has the ability to pay," admnitted Del Gallo.

A number of high-profile Capitol rioters' cases are moving at a clip through the court system, including that of the so-called "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley. The riot has also exposed a number of people in the military and law enforcement radicalized by the far right.

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