MAGA rioter found with shooting target of Dem lawmaker and roll of 'Q' stickers: Feds

When the FBI searched the home of Capitol rioter Andrew James Williams, they found a photograph of an unnamed Democratic lawmaker with a shooting target superimposed over her body.

In the photograph, the Democratic lawmaker "had a beret with a hammer and sickle symbol on her head," according to a sentencing memo filed Friday by federal prosecutors.

"During his pre-sentencing interview with law enforcement, Williams stated that this target was a 'secret Santa' gift from a co-worker," the memo states.

In addition to the shooting target, FBI agents found "a roll of 'Q' stickers" in Williams' home.

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Williams, a firefighter from Sanford, Florida, pleaded guilty in November to a misdemeanor count of parading, demonstrating or picketing inside a Capitol building.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 30 days in jail.

"As a first responder, the defendant must have known that the rioting mob posed a great threat to the law enforcement officers heroically seeking to discharge their duties, not to mention the civilian occupants of the Capitol," prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memo. "But seeing greatly outnumbered police officers and broken windows did not give him pause or cause the defendant to turn away from the riot. Instead, he celebrated his role in the attack on the Capitol while breezing by his fellow first responders."

Williams' attorney, Vincent A. Citro, also cited his client's life-saving work as a first responder in a sentencing memo, according to CBS News' Scott MacFarlane. Citro is arguing for leniency and a sentence of time served.

Williams reportedly is on unpaid leave from the Sanford Fire Department pending his sentencing and the results of an administrative investigation.