Capitol rioters formed fake 'Bible study' group as cover for manufacturing explosives: report
Rioters January 6th (AFP)

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that Fi Duong, an accused Capitol rioter from Northern Virginia, formed a radical militia group under the guise of a "Bible study" group, where he and his associates stockpiled improvised explosives.

Duong has become widely known as the Capitol rioter who can be heard in the footage shouting, "We're coming for you, Nancy!" — a key clip shown in CNN's special report on the attack.

"Duong allegedly told the undercover officer he was part of a 'cloak and dagger' group that will 'build resistances ... for what will inevitably come.' In March, he told associates, 'Keep your guns and be ready to use them,'" reported Rachel Weiner and Spencer Hsu. "He and others held 'Bible study' where they discussed firearms and other training, according to court document."

During these fake "Bible study" groups, the group also apparently gathered material for explosives.

"He said at a meeting in June that he had collected Styrofoam and more than 50 wine bottles to make molotov cocktails but had held off on buying fuel 'to avoid ... being hit with a conspiracy charge, according to the complaint filed against him," the Post reporters write. "He told the undercover agent he had been saving motor oil from his car for that purpose but he also said he would prefer a peaceful secession of Appalachia to a violent conflict."

A previous report indicated that Duong's group surveilled the Capitol for "weeks" and that the undercover agent was able to intercept their encrypted communications.