Capitol rioter charged with child neglect after hiding out in travel trailer with cache of weapons
Josiah Kenyon after his arrest, left, and during the Capitol riot.

An accused Capitol rioter and his wife are now facing child endangerment charges after they allegedly hid from the FBI in an unheated travel trailer in the Nevada foothills.

Josiah Kenyon, 34, is accused of assaulting police with several objects — including a table leg with a protruding nail — during the Jan. 6 insurrection. According to the Department of Justice, Kenyon wore a Jack Skellington costume, based on a character from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, to the Capitol.

But Kenyon's apprehension last week was almost as unusual as his Jan. 6 costume, according to a report from Reno's ABC affiliate.

"Two Washoe County Sheriff’s deputies, members of the HOPES team assigned to help the homeless, found a woman and two children living in a small, unheated travel trailer on the foothills of Peavine Mountain," the station reports. "They came offering help, but encountered a woman, who according to their report, was evasive, and reluctant to give her name or her husband’s. She was reportedly suspicious at first that they might be policemen, who the woman said were — unlike sheriff’s deputies — 'unconstitutional.'"

At that point, Josiah Kenyon pulled up in a camouflaged and modified Ford Crown Victoria. After Josiah Kenyon explained that his family would be moving on soon, the deputies left — but later decided "on reflection" to run a check on his license plate.

After the deputies discovered that Kenyon was wanted by the FBI, "A traffic stop was set up and Kenyon was arrested on the federal charges, along with his wife, Elizabeth, for child endangerment," according to the station.

And there's more: "Deputies reportedly found an AR-15 rifle, a Glock handgun, ammunition and other weaponry inside the camouflaged car. The children were safe, but while being supervised spoke in the same sovereign citizen, anti-government rhetoric as their parents. It’s unclear how long they’d been living off the grid, on the run."

Watch the report here.