MAGA-rioting grandmother got 'played' by Fox News and Laura Ingraham: attorney
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Capitol rioter Anna Morgan-Lloyd, an Indiana grandmother, delivered a tearful apology to a federal judge before she was sentenced to probation in June.

A day later, Morgan-Lloyd appeared on Laura Ingraham's Fox News program and downplayed the riot — saying she did not believe it was an "insurrection."

Now, Morgan-Lloyd's attorney claims her client was "genuinely remorseful" for her actions, but got "played" by Ingraham and Fox News, according to a report from Washington's WUSA Channel 9.

Before her sentencing, Morgan-Lloyd wrote a letter to the judge saying she was "ashamed that something meant to show support for the President had turned violent."

Then, she told Ingraham of the riot, "If anybody bumped into anybody, it was, 'Excuse me,' and people were very polite. Nobody was breaking anything, and it was calm enough that people were actually walking out of the Capitol building that worked there and they had no fear on their faces."

WUSA-TV notes that Morgan-Lloyd's Fox News interview "was widely viewed as evidence that Morgan-Lloyd had only feigned acceptance of responsibility to get a lighter sentence, and federal judges have repeatedly referenced it in court," as CNN reported in August.

Morgan-Lloyd's Fox News interview came up again on Thursday when her attorney, Heather Shaner, appeared in court to represent another Capitol riot defendant, Jack Jesse Griffith.

During Griffith's plea hearing, Judge Beryl A. Howell slammed prosecutors for allowing Capitol rioters to plead to "petty offenses."

Howell also appeared to reference Morgan-Lloyd's case when the judge said: "There have been other defendants, at time of sentencing, who have expressed remorse said they gained an understanding by reading books. And then as soon as they were sentenced to probation, they downplayed the events."

Shaner responded by saying Morgan-Lloyd went on Fox News "out of stupidity" and got "played."

"I believe that Ms. Morgan-Lloyd was genuinely remorseful. I was shocked when the government sent me the video of her on Fox. I was angry. I felt betrayed," Shaner said. "And then I talked to her and I realized it's very difficult for an individual to go on Fox News, and other outlets, where they're less interested in the truth than in creating a narrative."

Watch Morgan-Lloyd's Fox News interview below.

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