Notorious rioter who chased Capitol cop Goodman has cooperated with Jan 6th committee: report
Officer Eugene Goodman (Photo via Joinathan Ernst for AFP)

According to a report from Politico, one of the Capitol insurrectionists filmed leading a mob chasing Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman on Jan 6th has been cooperating with the House committee investigating the insurrection incited by former president Donald Trump.

Greg Rubenacker, who is facing 46 months in prison after being hit with ten counts including three felonies, has admitted working with investigators even without a plea deal.

According to the report, in a filing asking for leniency from Judge Beryl Howell, lawyers for Rubenacker revealed their client "spent 'several hours' interviewing with Jan. 6 select committee investigators, although he doesn’t indicate when."

Politico reports that the indicted man "says this is one of several ways he has taken responsibility and shown remorse for his conduct. His attorney is asking Howell to sentence him to a year of home confinement."

Footage of Goodman leading the mob up the stairs and away from lawmakers fleeing for their lives made him a national hero, with the video also providing investigators with suspects to target.

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Politico reports prosecutors believe, "Rubenacker deserves much harsher punishment, noting that he exhibited aggressive and violent behavior toward Goodman and other officers. He joined a line of rioters pushing against police as they attempted to clear the rotunda, and he ultimately swung a water bottle that hit an officer in the helmet, according to photos and videos of the attack," adding, "Rubenacker was also among a group of defendants who smoked marijuana inside the Capitol during the breach, and he posted a video of himself smiling and saying, 'Smoke out the Capitol, baby!'"

Making their case, prosecutors told the court, "When officers formed a line to force rioters out, Rubenacker escalated in response: he swung a water bottle at one officer’s head and threw liquid at other officers who were engaging with a rioter. Only after an officer sprayed chemical-irritant spray in Rubenacker’s face did he finally leave the Capitol, over one hour after he initially breached the building.”

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