'Re-create the madness': Jan 6th committee dropping hints about what to expect next week
Donald Trump supporters storm the Capitol (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP)

Beginning next Thursday night, the House Select Committee that has been investigating the Jan 6th Capitol riot that was instigated by former president Donald Trump is scheduled to make their case to the American public after dropping hints that their findings "will really blow the roof off the House."

According to CNN analyst Stephen Collinson, the first hearing, to take place during prime time, will set the stage "to re-create the madness and fear of a moment when American democracy itself was on the brink" by presenting powerful new evidence.

As Collinson explained, "New glimpses of the mountain of evidence piled up by the committee suggest the panel will take viewers deep into Trump's inner circle before and during the insurrection to pose the question of why he didn't try to stop it as hours passed," adding the committee "plans to re-create the horror of the crazed day when supporters of then-President Donald Trump effectively tried to stage a coup after the 2020 election and to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden's victory."

As the analyst explained, the bi-partisan committee will attempt to get the attention of Americans 17 months after the attack that shocked the nation and hints dropped on Thursday are a preview of what to expect.

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"There were clear signs on Thursday that the committee plans to build a case that the ex-President and some key lieutenants still represent a clear and present danger to the republic should he go ahead and run for the presidency again and win in 2024," the CNN analyst argued. "Some of the evidence emerging about Trump's conduct on January 6 is staggering."

In an interview on CNN, former Rep Denver Riggleman (R) who has been acting as an advisor to the committee, said former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows's texts will be front and center.

"It's almost a road map to what happened. And a lot of the texts haven't come out," Riggleman explained. "It is horror, because these are people that are serving our government. And you can see, you know, almost QAnon and other conspiracy theories had inundated the Republican Party all the way up to the top levels. ... It's absolutely stunning that these individuals enter a position of power -- making policy."

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