Lawyer for MAGA rioter who predicted 'hangings' on Capitol lawn complains his client will be barred from owning guns

An attorney representing a MAGA rioter who predicted there would soon be "hangings on the front lawn" of the United States Capitol building complained in court on Wednesday that his client will be restricted from owning guns.

As reported by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, an attorney representing 51-year-old MAGA rioter Daryl Johnson pleaded for leniency for his client, whom he said had already suffered major harm from his decision to enter the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021 with his son, Daniel Johnson.

"Not only is it a blot on his reputation, but it will deprive him of the right to vote and the right to possess firearms," Johnson's attorney argued, referring to his felony conviction.

The attorney also tried to argue that Johnson had only been caught up in the crowd and had not intended to cause real damage while inside the building.

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However, prosecutors found that Johnson expressed glee about the deadly riots on the day after they occurred and he predicted in a Facebook post that "yesterday will be the beginning of the revolution, what happens when those same people decide to throw out the elected officials... hangings on the front lawn of capital (sic)."

One week later, Johnson wrote in a private Facebook message that the situation in America is "going to get very ugly and probably result in some version of a civil war."

According to MacFarlane, federal prosecutors are seeking three months jail time for Johnson.