Here's how the FBI managed to obtain the noose displayed during the January 6th Capitol riot
The gallows set up by the Capitol rioters (Screengrab).

Last week, reports indicated that the FBI has seized the noose from the makeshift gallows erected by the Capitol rioters on January 6 as they called to "Hang Mike Pence."

On Monday, NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane, a top reporter covering the trials of the insurrectionists, gave new information about how the FBI managed to acquire it in the first place.

"How did it get to the FBI?" began MacFarlane. "Well, Michael Person helped deliver it there. Michael Person is a Dutch journalist based in Amsterdam who was here in Washington January 6th... He says he saw someone discard it on the ground. More importantly, he tells me, he saw what he thinks was a Good Samaritan, after some of the rioters had cleared away, a Good Samaritan who went up to the gallows and cut the noose down, perhaps horrified or objecting to the image the noose communicates."

This Good Samaritan reportedly scattered when he saw Person, possibly confusing him for a rioter, noted MacFarlane, and then, Person "picked it up, bagged it up, [and] delivered it to the FBI Field Office in Washington."

MacFarlane noted that the noose "hasn't been specifically referenced in any specific case against a charged defendant, but that it's in the possession of the FBI raises the prospect it could eventually be mentioned in a case."

Watch below: