Feds seek 75 days for Texas MAGA rioter who confessed to raiding Pelosi's office during Coors Light-infused rant
Jenny Cudd in a Facebook video. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, CBS News' Scott MacFarlane reported that federal prosecutors are seeking a 75-day sentence for Jenny Cudd, a January 6 insurrectionist from Midland Texas who boasted on Facebook about being part of a group that broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office and stole her gavel.

Prosecutors, noted MacFarlane, say that Cudd "engaged in a self-described push against law enforcement officers while yelling 'go' and 'charge.'" Her attorneys, however, asked for leniency, noting that she personally "did not go into any closed spaces or offices" and "did not touch anything, did not remove anything from the Capitol, nor break anything."

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Cudd, who previously ran for mayor of Midland, was busted in part due to the video. Prosecutors have cited it as evidence she has no remorse for her actions, although her lawyers contend this isn't true and she was simply drunk on Coors Light when she posted the video.

During the prosecution, she made news for begging a judge to let her go on a vacation to Mexico, and also demanded her trial be moved to Texas because a jury in Washington, D.C. would be eager to "cancel" her for "white supremacy."