New video shows Capitol rioter frothing at the mouth as he confronts police: 'You are a moral coward!'
Joseph Padilla (Department of Justice)

Newly released body cam video from the Capitol insurrection shows a Jan. 6 rioter frothing at the mouth as he confronts a Metropolitan Police Department officer guarding the perimeter of the building.

"You're f*cking defending a machine that doesn't even f*cking care about you," Joseph Lino Padilla tells the officer, with scuba goggles covering his eyes and a mask around his neck. "But if you let us in there, that machine will be gone, and we will f*cking protect you. You're being a moral coward. You are a moral coward. You know what you're doing is wrong."

A federal judge has made the video public after prosecutors included images from it in their criminal complaint filed against Padilla in February, according to WUSA9 investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane.

Padilla, a former sergeant with the Tennessee National Guard, is accused of repeatedly assaulting police during the insurrection, including throwing a flagpole at officers. He remains behind bars after a federal judge declined to release him before trial in May.

"Attorneys for the government have argued the multiple assaults and a series of social media posts celebrating the failed insurrection are evidence the suspect was too dangerous for release ahead of trial," the Tennessean reported.

Watch the new video below.