Gluten-intolerant MAGA rioter threatened hunger strike in jail after he 'found a noodle' on his food tray
Chris Quaglin (Photo via United States Department of Justice)

An alleged Capitol rioter who is currently being detained without bail ahead of his trial has threatened to go on hunger strike over his jail's purported insensitivity to his gluten-free diet.

In a new court filing flagged by NBC News' Ryan Reilly, the jail that is currently housing January 6th defendant Chris Quaglin outlines the troubles it has had with meeting his dietary requirements, as Quaglin has demanded that the jail take extraordinary measures to ensure none of his meals are contaminated by glutens.

The jail notes that "to avoid cross contamination, Mr. Quaglin's food trays are prepared separately, using separate utensils, on the assembly line for special diet trays" and that the jail has even "instructed kitchen supervisors to take pictures of each of Mr. Quaglin's trays to ensure that all items comply with the TSG gluten free menus and are 100 percent gluten free."

However, the jail also argues that Quaglin has made commissary requests for food items that are decidedly not gluten free, including boxes of Spanish rice, candies such as Snickers and Peanut M&Ms, and honey buns.

Nonetheless, Quaglin appears to be far more demanding of the food that the jail prepares for him, as one officer in the jail testifies in the filing that Quaglin "informed me he was going on a hunger strike as he found a noodle on his tray."

Quaglin faces several charges related to the Capitol riot, including an assault charge that came after he was caught on video deploying bear spray directly into a law enforcement officer's eyes.