FBI nabs Capitol rioter who said he was ‘involved with helping Lin Wood and Sidney Powell’

Atlanta home contractor Matthew Jay Webler said that Jan. 6, 2021, was his best birthday ever. Now he's been charged for partaking in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Court records show that Webler was recorded by multiple security cameras wearing a bright yellow jacket and a QAnon flag as cape, making him easy to spot.

In one selfie video he took inside the Capitol, he says, “It’s my birthday, and it’s the best one ever.” The video, which he posted to Facebook, is among other social media posts used as evidence by authorities.

“Biden called Jan 6 the worst domestic terror attack in our history. Here’s some of my footage,” Webler posted to Facebook in April after dozens of Capitol rioters had already been arrested. “Can you find the terror?”

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“I have been involved with helping Lin Wood and Sidney Powell try find all the information that we can,” Webler said in the video published Dec. 28, 2020. He also claimed that he conducted overnight surveillance on what he said was a “official election warehouse.”

Webler has a criminal history which includes two prison terms in Georgia and totalling more than six years for charges related to burglary, aggravated assault and auto theft, and other crimes.

He faces four misdemeanor charges related to the Capitol riot, each carrying up to a year in prison.