'Yes or no only!' Capitol rioter's lawyer scrambles to prevent client from damaging himself in court
Capitol rioters (Photo by Joseph Prezioso for AFP)

An attorney representing Capitol rioter Daniel Christmann on Monday found himself having to interject during a plea hearing to prevent his client from going on a lengthy monologue that could potentially damage his chances of leniency.

As reported by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, Christmann's attorney first had to interject to keep his client on script during the hearing when Christmann bristled at acknowledging the agreed upon facts laid out in his plea deal.

Shortly afterward, reports MacFarlane, the judge in the case asked Christmann a question about the presidential election certification process, and Christmann began delivering a monologue -- only to once again have his attorney jump in and stop him.

"Dan, yes or no only please!" the attorney said.

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And this still wasn't the end of it either, as later in the hearing, Christmann again went off script and told the judge that he was just going to "tell you the truth" about the 2020 election, only to once again have his lawyer jump in.

According to MacFarlane, the judge subsequently expressed skepticism about accepting his plea agreement, as Christmann still seemed to have difficulty accepting the facts laid out in the deal.

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