MAGA rioter proudly informed his father that he was now a 'parent of a Capitol insurrectionist': feds
Department of Justice.

Federal prosecutors revealed on court on Tuesday that 38-year-old MAGA rioter Jeffrey Register bragged to his father about storming the Capitol in the weeks after the riot.

Via Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly, Register sent a text message to his father on March 11th in which he said, "Maybe when this is all said and done, government will provide me with a bumper sticker to give [you] that says: Proud parent of a Capitol insurrectionist."

As NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane explains, Register tried to cover up his texts and social media activity by doing a factory reset on his phone and then lying to the FBI about his involvement in the riot.

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"Register pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, but feds argue his was among the most serious of the Jan 6 misdemeanors," writes MacFarlane. "They allege he waved and directed crowd... and was in close proximity to Ashli Babbitt at House Speaker's Lobby."

Despite his role in directing his fellow rioters and despite his efforts to cover up his crimes, federal prosecutors are only seeking a prison sentence of five months for Register.