'You knew what you were doing': Judge scolds MAGA-rioting doctor after she complains about her 'shredded' reputation
Dr. Simone Gold (United States Department of Justice)

Simone Gold, a hydroxychloroquine-promoting doctor who breached the United States Capitol building on January 6, 2021, received a harsh scolding from a judge on Thursday over what he said was lack of genuine remorse for her actions.

As reported by WUSA 9's Jordan Fischer, Gold on Thursday told the court that she had suffered significant professional consequences due to her decision to enter the Capitol during the riots.

"My reputation has been shredded," said Gold, who earlier this year pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawfully and knowingly entering and remaining in a restricted building and grounds.

Judge Christopher Cooper, however, did not appear sympathetic to Gold's plight, and he questioned whether she truly felt remorse for what she did.

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Among other things, he pointed to an interview she did with the Washington Post in which she said she feared photos of her inside the Capitol building would be a distraction from her work advocating against taking vaccines for the novel coronavirus.

Cooper also told Gold he was concerned that he heard a lot about how taking parts in the riots had affected Gold personally but nothing about the five people who had died during the siege of the Capitol.

"I think you well knew what you were doing," he said, shortly before sentencing her to 60 days in prison and ordering her to pay a fine of $9,500.