MAGA rioter 'immediately broke down crying' after seeing his own son testifying against him in trial

Accused MAGA rioter Guy Reffitt had an emotional day in court after prosecutors called on his own son, 19-year-old Jackson Reffitt, to testify against him.

Via CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, CBS court reporter Rob Legare brings word that Reffitt "immediately broke down crying" upon seeing his son take the stand.

Legare also says Reffitt was "wiping his eyes through his white mask" and that his face was "turning red."

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Jackson Reffitt gave damning testimony about his father on Thursday, and he said he became worried about his father's behavior after former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

Among other things, Reffitt said his father sent messages to the family promoting a new civil war, while also talking about "rising up" and "destroying" the United States government.

Reffitt also revealed to jurors that he reported his own father to the FBI and he felt "dirty for doing so.

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