'You didn't watch all the videos!' MAGA rioter squirms when CNN reporter confronts him with damning evidence
Screen cap / CNN

An accused MAGA rioter squirmed when confronted with video evidence of his guilt this week by CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin.

In an interview that aired on Friday morning, Griffin shot down Proud Boy Joshua Pruitt's claim that police officers invited him into the Capitol building, despite video evidence showing him jumping a railing and entering the Capitol shortly after other rioters forcefully broke into the building and opened up doors.

"You know that's not true," Griffin informed Pruitt after he claimed police had let him in.

"I know that is true," Pruitt replied. "There's proof of it, there's video of it!"

"The video I saw of that moment was a couple of cops overwhelmed by a mob," Griffin countered.

"Well, you didn't watch all the videos then," Pruitt replied.

"I didn't?" Griffin asked. "I'm pretty sure I did!"

He then showed footage of Pruitt walking into the Capitol with other rioters just 70 seconds after other rioters broke windows to enter the building.

"Armed with sticks, flagpoles, and riot shields, they had stormed and overpowered police, who could do little but coax and steer them away from lawmakers," Griffin commented.

Watch the video below.

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