Colorado GOP lawmaker makes bizarre admissions about Capitol riots while promoting pro-QAnon movie: report

On Tuesday, according to the Colorado Times Recorder, a Republican Colorado state representative admitted to being involved in the January 6 attack during a bizarre interview in which he also promoted a pro-QAnon propaganda movie.

"In the hour-long radio interview with Melissa 'Lisa' Hyams, vice-chair of Fremont Country Republicans, Rep.Ron Hanks (R-Penrose) questioned the validity of the 2020 election and promoted a QAnon conspiracy movie, 'The Deep Rig,' which makes unfounded claims of election fraud and promotes wild conspiracies involving hundreds of thousands of fake ballots, hacked voting machines, and CIA plots to ensure a Biden victory," reported Eric Maulbetsch.

"The Deep Rig" centers heavily on the widely criticized Arizona "audit" being conducted by the pro-Trump firm Cyber Ninjas, whose CEO Doug Logan plays a prominent role. In June, The Arizona Republic outed Hanks as one of a number of GOP state representatives around the country who traveled to Phoenix to witness the audit, which has explored a number of conspiracy theories including hunting for bamboo in ballots to prove they were Chinese forgeries.

During the segment in which he admitted he walked past "some barriers" put up by the Capitol police on January 6, Hanks nonetheless denied any role in the violence inside the Capitol. In fact, he pushed the right-wing lie that Antifa and Black Lives Matter instigated the violence in a "false flag" operation.

"By the time we walked from the elipse at the White House down to the Capitol building, there were already people climbing on the scaffolding," said Hanks during the interview. "We went right down the road, we got there ahead of 80-90% of the crowd. There's a solid case to be made that we had people intrude on that [the rally] and that it was a bit of a false flag operation — well let's not say 'a bit of' let's say false flag."

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