Viral video shows Kentucky students laughing and using racial slurs as mixed-race teen gets choked out

A Kentucky teenager was charged in the assault and choking of another middle school student that was recorded on video.

The six-second video shows two students in a bathroom at Casey County Middle School, with a white student holding a mixed-race student in a chokehold as others offscreen laugh and utter racial slurs, and the victim collapses before the end of the clip, reported WDKY-TV.

“I think it was reported by school staff that it was kind of a horseplay incident," said school resource officer Jordan Buis, "and then once the video surfaced later it was discovered it was quite a bit more than that."

The white student was charged with felony strangulation and fourth-degree assault.

“Stuff like this, personally, I am not going to tolerate it when it is known," Buis said. "I mean, of course, teachers and I can’t be everywhere at any given time, and with that being in the bathroom made it extra difficult, too."

Casey County Middle School charged with assault