'It's a stressful environment': Florida mom explains why she pulled her kid out of notorious anti-vax private school

A Florida mother told CNN on Monday that she's decided to pull her daughter out of the Centner Academy, the notorious private school that is barring vaccinated teachers.

In an interview with CNN host John Berman, Iris Acosta-Zobel said she had been growing more and more alarmed by the Centner Academy's rhetoric surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic for the last year, which culminated in her decision to take her daughter out of the school last week.

"We don't feel as parents our children are in a safe environment," she explained. "It's a stressful environment, it's an environment where teachers are in no way able to have a normal day and teach that way."

Although the Centner Academy has been in the headlines for its decision to bar vaccinated faculty from interacting with its students, Acosta-Zobel said her problems with the school began months earlier.

Specifically, she grew tired having to explain to her daughter the value in wearing masks to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus when the school she attended routinely cast doubt on the utility of wearing masks during the pandemic.

"There has been a pattern of misinformation and misguiding that has been confusing to the parents," she said.

Watch the video below.

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