Conservative Charlie Sykes calls BS on GOP's claim to 'back the blue'
Capitol rioters (Photo by Joseph Prezioso for AFP)

Conservative columnist Charlie Sykes called out Republicans for claiming to support the police while downplaying the violent assault of Capitol police officers during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Republicans have claimed to be the "party of law and order" for decades, but Sykes wrote a column for The Bulwark explaining how testimony from officers Harry Dunn, Michael Fanone and Augilino Gonell -- who all were violently attacked by Donald Trump supporters during the U.S. Capitol riot -- showed that can't possibly be true.

"Americans will undoubtedly get to hear their stories again, accompanied by dramatic images and hitherto unseen video footage of the violent attack on the seat of our constitutional republic," Sykes said.

The officers testified last summer before Congress about the riot and the injuries they suffered, but even they admit that failed to make a dent in the former president's support -- but Sykes said it stole a talking point from Republicans.

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"The police officers have already told their story, and it didn’t move the needle for the GOP. At all," Sykes wrote. "But they have helped expose the GOP’s other Big Lie: the one where they claim that they are the party of Law and Order. And that they 'Back the Blue.'"

"Bullsh*t," he concluded.