Police investigate slur-spewing NY man who called for nonwhite people to die

Police are looking into an incident in which a man in a small upstate New York community outside Buffalo screamed racial slurs at a Black couple and called for Black and Latino people to be killed, reported The Daily Beast on Wednesday.

"Kevin and Cheryl Moses, a married Black couple, went to the Aldi’s in Cheektowaga — just outside of Buffalo — on Monday, according to The Buffalo News. Kevin shopped while Cheryl waited in the car, and when he returned, his wife complained that a man in another vehicle had allegedly hit their car," reported Brooke Leigh Howard. "Kevin told the local outlet that when he confronted the driver, the man quickly became aggressive and attacked him with racial slurs."

"'You are a fucking n-----,' the man says, turning around to face the camera. 'You’re not even fucking animal,'" the report continued. "'Kill all n------!' the man then chants after closing the trunk to his Scion and before putting away his shopping cart back at the supermarket. 'Kill all s-----!' Kevin urges the man to provide his name. 'Go away, n----- boy!' the man shouts instead. 'You are an example of an ignorant man, sir,' Kevin says."

According to the report, Kevin told the man “You just made YouTube!” after he walked back to the car, to which the man responded, “Why don’t you call the police like n------,” and told him more Black people should have been murdered in the TOPS supermarket shooting.

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That attack, which killed 10 Black shoppers, was committed by a white supremacist who believed in the "Great Replacement," a conspiracy theory that mass immigration and births of nonwhite people are deliberate population engineering to crowd out white people from existence in countries where they are currently a majority.

Police in Cheektowaga say they are investigating the incident, saying, “We take these incidents very seriously and are using all our resources to investigate it and will work with the Erie County District Attorney’s Office to determine if criminal charges will be pursued.”

Watch video below or at this link.