Seth Meyers blasts 'loudmouth' Chris Christie’s rehab tour: 'Why are we taking him seriously?'
Chris Christie (Photo: Screen capture)

Seth Meyers ripped into former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday night over his ongoing "rehabilitation tour" on cable news.

"He's been on cable news more often than the reverse mortgage commercial starring Tom Selleck," the Late Night host said, noting that CNN even aired a "ludicrous" special called "Being Chris Christie."

"Is it called that because 'being' is the only title he has left?" Meyers said. "Governor? No, he left office with a dismal approval rating. Candidate? No, he crashed and burned hard in the GOP primary. But he is still technically a 'being.'"

Meyers added there isn't really any "mystery" about Christie that people are yearning to know.

"He's not Harry Styles or Banksy," he said. "He's a loud-mouth from New Jersey. If you want to know what he's thinking, you don't need CNN. You just have to be within earshot, which for him I think is like a mile."

But Christie is "without credibility" when it comes to former president Donald Trump, Meyers said. Christie once said Trump wasn't suited to be president, before endorsing him in 2016, supporting him throughout his term, and even helping him with debate prep during the 2020 campaign.

Meyers said Christie was "complicit in and actively supportive of a catastrophic and deeply corrupt presidency that among other things subverted our democracy, let a deadly respiratory disease wildly out of control and cratered our economy."

"Now Christie is trying to rehab his image as part of a book tour by casting himself as some sort of straight shooter when it comes to the 2020 election. I guess at this point, any Republican who's willing to say the election wasn't stolen deserves a shred of credit, which tells you just how far the GOP has fallen," Meyers said. "But why are we taking Christ Christie of all people seriously? He stood by this obviously monstrous man for years, and he still refuses to say whether he'd support Trump again in 2024."

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