Man who called 911 for help after crashing car is shot and killed by police during apparent 'delusional' episode

Christian Glass, 22, called Colorado police back in June after he crashed his car and got it stuck in a bush, but the ordeal ended with police shooting and killing him, 9News reported.

Deputies and officers from several agencies tried to persuade Glass, who was apparently having a mental episode, to exit his vehicle, but he wouldn't, saying he was terrified.

In body cam video of the incident, responders said they were concerned about two knives, a hammer, a rubber mallet and rocks he had in the car. During the incident, a Clear Creek County deputy held Glass at gunpoint, broke his window, fired non-lethal rounds at him, used a Taser on him, and finally killed him with five shots.

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"Glass is seen with his hands in clear view on the dashboard for the majority of the video, at times directing a heart-shaped hand gesture toward deputies and officers outside the car. After an encounter where guns are drawn about six minutes in, officers and deputies calmly talk to Glass," report 9News. "Near the end of the encounter, seemingly frustrated that Glass isn’t coming out of his car, a Clear Creek deputy is authorized to break the passenger window of the truck. Glass then picks up a knife."

“He sounded like he had some sort of a mental illness,” said 9NEWS psychologist Max Wachtel, who also reviewed the video and 911 call for 9NEWS. “It certainly could have been drug-related. The 911 dispatcher wouldn’t know that. It sounded to me like a delusional disorder or a delusion that’s part of a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia.”

Watch the body cam video below or at this link.

RAW: Body camera footage shows fatal shooting of man having apparent mental crisis

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