Christian Nationalists thrilled by impending destruction of abortion rights: report
Donald Trump rally (Photo from Olivier Douliery for AFP)

According to a report from Vice, Christian Nationalists and far-right extremists are celebrating the impending overturn of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court and rushed to social media to taunt women and call them ugly names in their glee.

According to a leaked first draft ruling on a case opening the door to gutting the 1973 Roe decision, Justice Sam Alito's early draft -- which is subject to change -- calls for the complete overturn of a woman's guaranteed right to choose without undue restrictions.

To judge by the reaction of right-wing extremists, this has given them something to cheer about since their failed attempt at overturning the 2020 presidential election at Donald Trump's behest.

As Vice reports, the taunting was quick to begin with one far-right Christain writing on Telegram, "We are taking back territory and we WILL lift the curse summoned by human sacrifice off of our nation by ENDING abortion," adding, "CHRIST IS KING!”

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According to Vice's Tess Owen, "Many of the far-right accounts that have weighed in on Roe v. Wade since Monday night have also not held back from using explicitly misogynistic, violent language that promotes tired tropes about women and sexual purity," with Owen offering up a sampling of comments such as, "Hahahaha f*ck you wh*res,” from a Proud Boy chapter, and Hawaii Proud Boy founder Nick Ochs, boasting, "BEGIN PREEMPTIVELY ROASTING HOES NOW."

On a white nationalist channel another person wrote, “Happy ‘wh*res on suicide watch’ day, boys!!!!”

Owens continued, "Alongside a slew of posts about the Supreme Court leak, Gab founder Andrew Torba shared a meme Monday night that originated on 4chan and showed a blonde, white child leading a cow and a chicken through a meadow, with the words, 'If only you knew how much better things could be." That imagery is popular on white nationalist accounts; it’s meant to evoke 'traditional' values of white families and purity."

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