Neighbors furious after woman refuses to take down Christmas lights her dad put up before his COVID-19 death

Angry neighbors told a New York family they've grieved long enough and told them to take down their Christmas decorations.

Sara Pascucci, of Bethpage, Long Island, said she can't bear to take down the holiday lights her father put up before he died from COVID-19, but at least one neighbor told her family it's time to move on, reported WABC-TV.

"Take your Christmas lights down!" read an anonymous letter she received. "It's Valentines Day!!!!!!"

The letter was postmarked Jan. 30 and had no return address, but Pascucci said she's not ready to take down the lights her 61-year-old father, Anthony Pascucci, strung up before he died Jan. 15 from a COVID-19 infection -- a week after his 70-year-old sister Connie Pascucci also died from the virus.

"It's not something you want to receive after everything that we've been through," Sara Pascucci said.

At least two other households on Berkshire Road also received the letter, and Sara Pascucci urged neighbors to be kind to one another.

"I would just like them to remember to be kind, especially during a pandemic," she said. "You don't really know what anyone's really going through."