Pro-Trump rioter carried semi-automatic handgun into the Capitol during Jan. 6 assault: Court documents
Trump supporters breach the Capitol. (Screen grab via CBS New York)

One of the insurrectionists made it onto the U.S. Capitol grounds with a firearm, according to a new court filing.

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a superseding indictment alleging that Christopher Alberts was carrying a Taurus G2C semi-automatic handgun as he left the Capitol following the Jan. 6 riot, contradicting claims by Republican lawmakers seeking to downplay the threat posed by Donald Trump's supporters.

Other weapons confiscated from insurrectionists and found at the scene included bear spray and other chemical irritants, fire extinguishers, knives, clubs, poles, hockey sticks and baseball bats.

A Capitol police officer was among five people who died as a result of the attack, which also injured dozens of officers.