'Biden didn't defy a subpoena!' Chuck Todd schools Jim Jordan on 'raid' of Trump's Mar-a-Lago
NBC/screen grab

NBC host Chuck Todd confronted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) after he suggested there is a two-tier justice system for Republicans and Democrats because a search warrant was used to search former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate after he refused to cooperate with the Justice Department.

"You keep talking about this raid on Donald Trump," Todd told Jordan during an interview on Sunday. "There was nine months between the initial action the archives made for a request of documents before they even turned it over to the Justice Department. The subpoena was issued 60 days before they actually executed the subpoena. And more importantly, the only time the public found out about it is because Donald Trump told the public about it."

"It was actually a year and a half of Donald Trump not complying with any of the requests from the National Archives," he noted. "A year and a half! This is not some sort of proof that somehow they've weaponized and are playing politics [at the Justice Department]."

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"They raided Trump's home; they haven't raided [President Joe Biden's]," Jordan replied.

"Because Biden didn't defy a subpoena!" Todd shot back.

Jordan argued that Trump's documents were protected by a locked room and the Secret Service while Biden's were not.

"You do not seem to ever see the same conspiratorial problems when it's a Republican," Todd concluded.

Watch the video clip below from NBC or at the link.