Missouri church ignites controversy with claims of alleged 'toe regeneration' during prayer service

A Missouri church is claiming that it regrew a woman's amputated toes during a prayer service. According to a report from the Springfield News-Leader, there are no photos or videos of the event and the pastor and woman involved have not responded to requests for comment.

Pastor John Lindell claimed during a livestream that a "creative miracle" had taken place, and the alleged toe regeneration of the woman, Kristina Dines, has garnered a considerable amount of attention on social media, much of it coming from people who are skeptical. A website called ShowMeTheToes.com is asking anyone with proof of the event to contact them.

On a March 15 livestream, Lindell said that "prayer team members" prayed over Dines, who had three toes amputated after her former husband shot her in 2015.

"As the ladies prayed for Krissy over the next 30 minutes, all three toes grew, and by that point, were longer than her pinky toe. Within an hour, nails began to grow on all the toes," Lindell said in the livestream.

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Video of Dines claiming the alleged miracle to be true can be found on Twitter, where she says, "Tonight, I can stand on my tippy-toes. Listen, do you understand? I can stand on tippy-toes. No, I couldn't do that because I didn't have toes to tippy on."

Pastor Bill Johnson, who was present for the alleged toe regeneration, has claimed to play a part on other miracles, one where a friend of his allegedly re-grew a kidney as a result of prayer meetings.

"We had a friend that had to have his kidney removed because it was diseased, and he went in for another kind of X-ray, a year later, and they found he had a brand-new kidney. He was in a meeting where he was prayed for and the Lord created that.”