Trump supporters' civil war rhetoric is 'exact same' as before his insurrection: CNN reporter

The violent rhetoric by supporters of Donald Trump who attended his weekend rally in Ohio sounds very similar to what one CNN reporter was hearing in the days before the January 6th insurrection.

CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan attended Trump's rally and spoke with some of his supporters.

"Do you think the election is going to be overturned at some point," O'Sullivan asked a man in a Trump hat.

"Oh, absolutely. The military already knows it was a fraud. He won by over 80%," the man falsely claimed.

The Trump supporter said the former guy would be reinstated "before the middle of August."

"And what if that doesn't happen," O'Sullivan asked.

"We're going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over," the Trump supporter replied.

O'Sullivan also spoke to a man who says he is a member of the Three Percenters militia.

"Are you worried that we could see more violence?" O'Sullivan asked.

"Yeah," the militia member replied. "I honestly believe it's coming."

On Twitter, O'Sullivan said it reminded him of an interview he conducted Trump rally in Georgia held just before the insurrection by Trump supporters.

At that January 4th rally, O'Sullivan interviewed a Trump supporter who would not accept that Joe Biden would be sworn-in as president on January 20th.

"How could that change at this point?" O'Sullivan asked.

"Well, there could be a civil war, you never know," the Trump supporter ominously replied.

O'Sullivan noted the similarities among those fired-up at the Trump rallies.

"This is the exact same kind of rhetoric we heard in the lead-up to January 6th," he noted.

"Most Trump supporters I met Saturday weren't as convinced on the reinstatement idea — focused more on 2024. But it's clear that those who have bought into the idea are convinced it must happen," he explained. "This all underlined the danger of Trump and his followers looking to the Arizona sham audit result with anticipation."

Here is the thread he posted to Twitter.