Trump supporter explains how Biden’s inauguration could be blocked: ‘There could be a civil war’
CNN screengrab.

President Donald Trump on Monday attended a campaign rally in Georgia in what may be his last trip aboard Air Force One.

At the rally, Trump attempted to convince his supporters that Republican officials in Georgia stole the election from him for Joe Biden -- while simultaneously arguing that it was important to vote despite his claims the elections are "rigged."

Many of his supporters believe Trump's unfounded conspiracy theories about election fraud, as CNN's Donie O'Sullivan found out while interviewing those outside the rally.

O'Sullivan interviewed one Trump supporter who was wearing a "make liberals cry again" hoodie.

The Trump supporter said he did not accept that President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn-in as president on January 20th.

"How could that change at this point?" O'Sullivan asked.

"Well, there could be a civil war, you never know," the Trump supporter replied.