Colbert: Why must we need heroes in mass shootings when we need heroic politicians?
Photo: Screen capture

Stephen Colbert took a moment to issue a serious note about the latest mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. The piece of the story that he honed in on was that "heroes" stepped up to attack and detain the shooter.

"You should not have to live in fear because of who you are, or who you love, or who you just wanna dance with," Colbert said. "Authorities say it would have been even worse, but the gunman was subdued by what is being described as 'heroic patrons.' I, like everybody else, salute the courage of these heroic patrons, but just hearing that term makes me mad. Why do we constantly have to have 'heroic patrons,' or 'heroic teachers,' or 'heroic bystanders'? How about some heroic politicians who will do anything about the epidemic of gun violence in this country? Or a heroic justice system that stops a dangerous person like this with a history of violence from getting access to these weapons of war? Or how about a heroic Supreme Court that recognizes that, however you want to interpret it, the Second Amendment, as it is currently applied, is a complete failure?"

He went on to allude to Republicans who have, once again, begun attacking LGBTQ+ people, stopped any mention of them in schools and attempted to label those who support them as abusers.

"Ultimately, it's going to take heroic voters, who will toss out the people who cynically target marginalized communities for their own political gain and then take money from these ghoulish weapons manufacturers who profit off of fear so that the rest of us, every week, need to honor a new group of heroic patrons," Colbert closed.

See the moment below: