James Carville calls on Dems to ‘start hitting hard’ against ‘white trash’ GOP extremists in Congress
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook.

Democratic strategist James Carville unloaded Thursday night on several Republican extremists in Congress — including Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar and Jim Jordan.

Carville was reacting to a new ad from the Democratic National Committee that aggressively targets the right-wing GOP lawmakers.

"Is it better that the party is getting more aggressive?" MSNBC host Brian Williams asked Carville. "As you and I have discussed, the toughest ads on behalf of Democrats have all been made by lapsed Republicans heretofore."

Carville responded by saying that Gaetz "will probably be in the penitentiary by the time the next election comes around."

"If you'll remember, he's the subject of a massive federal investigation for having sex with underage females," Carville said.

"Yes, they have to hit hard," Carville added. "Anytime Jim Jordan opens his mouth, they should go into the well of the House and read (the names of) all of the Ohio State athletes who said he knew they were being molested by the wrestling coach."

When Boebert "opens her mouth," Carville said, Democrats should go to the well of the House and read from a recent New York Post story about how the congresswoman and her husband have "racked up arrests" in her district.

"We've got to stop this namby-pamby, censure somebody, take committees away, and just call these people out for who they are," Carville said, adding that with midterm elections only a year away, Democrats need to "start hitting and hitting hard" by "telling the truth on these people."

"How does Matt Gaetz sit up there and criticize anybody given the trouble he's in?" Carville said. "And Paul Gosar has five siblings who all tell people to vote against him. Read what his siblings say into the congressional record."

"I have the equivalent of a PhD in white trash-ology, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert ... they could be the subject of a dissertation. And we've got to call these people out and hold them accountable."

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