mark meadows
Mark Meadows (Photo By Jeffery Edwards/Shutterstock)

The Washington Post is reporting that allies of former President Donald Trump have been gobbling up residential properties in a Washington D.C. neighborhood located just two blocks from the United States Capitol building.

According to the Post, the Conservative Partnership Institute, an organization led by former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, recently went on a $41 million property buying spree that left it in possession of "four commercial properties along a single Pennsylvania Avenue block, three adjoining rowhouses around the corner, and a garage and carriage house in the rear alley."

The goal of the spending splurge is to create what Trump allies describe as a "Patriots' Row" in the heart of Washington D.C., although Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told the Post that he doesn't see anything remotely patriotic about the project.

"It just seems like a massive real estate coming-out party for the extreme right wing of the Republican Party," he said.

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Raskin also suggesting naming the project "Seditionist Square," and joked that "maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene can be their advisory neighborhood commissioner."

The Post also talked to local resident Tim Krepp, who said he was less than pleased to see so many MAGA acolytes moving in, especially since they regularly rail against the city for being a haven of crime.

“So you don’t respect how we administer our city and then you secretly buy up chunks of it?” he said. “If it’s such a hellhole, go to Virginia.”