Texas sheriff's deputy fired after he's filmed punching teen during gas station confrontation

On Saturday, NBC News reported that the Harris County Sheriff's Office has fired a Texas deputy caught on viral video beating up a high school sophomore at a gas station.

"Former Deputy Bert Dillow was initially placed on administrative duty after he was accused of punching and cursing at the teen during a March 26 incident. A video of the altercation was posted last week on the Facebook page of the immigrant civil rights group, FIEL Houston," said the report. "In the footage, Dillow asks the teen, identified by KTRK-TV as high school sophomore Carlos Rodriguez, for his identification. After Rodriguez hands it over, Dillow motions for him to come closer."

"'Don't run from me, boy. I'll beat your f------ a-- right here,' Dillow says as he grabs Rodriguez by the shirt. 'Turn around and put your hands behind your back before I beat the s--- out of you,'" said the report. "When Rodriguez appears to pull his hand away, Dillow punches him in the face, causing the teen to fall to the ground. Dillow appears to punch Rodriguez several more times before handcuffing him. 'All I was gonna do is talk to you, but now you're f-----,' Dillow says."

The department also fired another deputy, Eric Sanchez, after another video showed him pulling a gun on a driver and threatening to shoot him during a traffic stop.

Harris County, home to Houston, is the most populous county in the state of Texas. Its sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, is widely respected in progressive circles, and was just nominated by President Joe Biden to head up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Watch below: